Jan 13, 2016
Amazing Linguistic Proof of The Book of Mormon (Native Americans Knew Hebrew). Many Native Americans in North America have DNA connections to the Jewish population. Some of the ancient Hebrew artifacts that have been discovered are incredible!


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0:00 it has been thought that the people here
0:02 the north and the North American the
0:03 ancient male builders in North America
0:05 didn't have a written language and
0:07 clearly the book of women talks about
0:09 that the Nephites were literate so if
0:11 that's the case then that would be you
0:14 know very problematic but but the and
0:18 it's been thought that the only literate
0:20 civilization in the Americas was the
0:22 Mayans answer may the Mayans had this
0:24 pretty intensive glyph system that they
0:27 were using which is clearly a form of
0:29 writing and some people thought well it
0:31 must be the Mayans then because they
0:33 have a written language and as well it's
0:35 true that the man's did have a written
0:36 language the written language that was
0:39 specifically mentioned in the Book of
0:41 Mormon on the place was reformed
0:43 Egyptian but Moroni actually the Metheny
0:46 said if we could just write in Hebrew
0:48 there would be no imperfections in our
0:50 record which means that Hebrew was
0:53 really their primary language we know
0:55 the Lamanites were not keeping records
0:57 so we wouldn't expect to find records
0:58 and among the the Lamanites but there's
1:02 no requirement from the Book of Mormon
1:04 that all the Nephites were making
1:05 records okay there they just had the
1:09 records that were made by those who were
1:12 the record keepers and so forth you know
1:15 the people of King Benjamin he had
1:17 everything written down and then
1:19 disseminated out to him so obviously
1:20 they were illiterate so the language if
1:23 we were going to be looking for evidence
1:24 for the language of the Book of Mormon
1:27 what language would we even be looking
1:29 for what have to be Hebrew well guess
1:33 what the Mayan glyph system is not
1:36 Hebrew it's not in any way related in
1:39 fact the the heat the Hebrew and the
1:43 Mayan language are about as different as
1:45 Chinese is to lap I mean they're
1:48 completely non related languages so what
1:51 we do know about the Mayan civilization
1:52 is they did have a written language it
1:54 just happens to be the wrong one okay so
1:57 so we really can't use that as evidence
2:00 for the Book of Mormon but in contrast
2:02 to that there have been many many
2:06 artifacts with written characters and so
2:10 forth on it by
2:11 unfortunately because of the
2:13 archaeological community in the United
2:14 States both and you know in the 1800's
2:19 as well as today the general consensus
2:22 is is that the Native Americans here in
2:24 North America were just a group of
2:26 ignorant savages that term by the way
2:28 came from a book which was written by a
2:31 guy who was one of three guys who were
2:34 very much instrumental in trying to
2:38 actually hide the ancient history of
2:41 this mound builder civilization in fact
2:44 one of those guys was John Wesley Powell
2:46 Lake Powell and Utah was named after him
2:49 when it was George even George Squires
2:51 known as the Lewis Henry Morgan and
2:54 Lewis Henry Morgan actually was the
2:55 author of a book called ancient
2:57 societies in which he says all human
2:59 civilizations go through three three
3:02 stages of development they start off as
3:05 ignorant savages they move up to
3:07 barbarism and then up to civilization
3:09 there was in that book that he labels
3:12 the Native Americans as ignorant savages
3:17 and that book became the handbook of
3:21 instructions for dealing with the
3:23 Indians by the United States government
3:25 and according to American manifest
3:28 destiny doctrine the the Indians because
3:31 they were this ignorant people they
3:34 could be then denied their rights to
3:36 vote their rights denied to own land and
3:40 they were then looked upon as being a
3:42 subhuman species because of the because
3:47 Lewis Henry Morgan was also a very big
3:51 advocate of another philosopher at the
3:54 time by the name of Charles Darwin who
3:56 basically said that you know all humans
3:59 have evolved from apes and so forth and
4:01 so it was just thought that the Indians
4:03 were just not as evolved as the
4:05 Europeans were and that's why they could
4:07 take their lands and their rights from
4:09 them even though they're you know surely
4:12 human beings same as the Europeans so
4:17 that became played into this as well
4:20 it's interesting to note that two of
4:23 those three guys they were so
4:25 instrumental
4:26. and they were big they became some of
4:28 the most highly influential men in the
4:32 United States in in science in the
4:35 United States government in dealing with
4:37 the Indians and so forth I mean you know
4:39 John Wesley Powell was one of the heads
4:41 of this Missoni an institution later on
4:43 he was the the head of the Department of
4:46 Indian Affairs you know he was a folk
4:50 hero after he came out here to the
4:52 Colorado River and so forth and he had
4:54 the ear of every president the United
4:55 States until his death they were using
4:59 their influence to try to downplay the
5:02 importance of this ancient civilization
5:04 that they found in the heartland of
5:06 America and why would they do that what
5:09 those things was manifest destiny but
5:13 there was another interesting aspect two
5:17 of those guys two of those three guys
5:19 just happened to be born to fathers who
5:26 were Methodist ministers in Palmyra New
5:30 York in 1830 why is that significant
5:36 what's the chances that a Methodist
5:39 minister in Palmyra in New York in 1830
5:41 had not heard about this upstart young
5:43 prophet by the name of Joseph Smith and
5:45 his gold Bible which talked about this
5:47 highly advanced civilization that had a
5:48 written language and so forth and had
5:50 roads and cities and and all these
5:54 increments of culture and sophistication
5:58 if they could somehow claim that all the
6:03 Native American peoples had never
6:04 attained that level of sophistication
6:06 but that level of culture then it would
6:09 actually undermine the claims of Joseph
6:12 Smith and the Book of Mormon and they
6:15 set out to do that and that we actually
6:18 have non Mormon experts who said that
6:20 there was a deliberate attempt a wanton
6:23 destruction of this ancient history
6:26 and recording it and that's that's a
6:30 real interesting aspect of this because
6:33 is exactly what you would think Sam
6:34 would probably want to have happen is
6:35 that have the history of the Book of
6:38 Mormon destroyed
6:39 but they didn't destroy it all because
6:42 in the last couple of years in fact
6:43 there's a show by the name of America
6:46 unearthed this American Earth show it's
6:49 on the history the history to channel
6:51. the the star of the show is Scott Wolter
6:53 and Scott Wolter is a forensic geologist
6:57 he is the owner of american petrographic
7:01 services at a st. paul minnesota he's
7:03 also like a openly atheist individual as
7:09 far as his religious beliefs but he has
7:13 he does the materials analysis for the
7:15 United States government and for the
7:17 military and so forth and and there has
7:20 now been found seven different either
7:23 artifacts or locations that have Hebrew
7:27 writing
7:28 they've been very controversial and he
7:32 has actually gotten to at least two of
7:34 them for example one of them is the bat
7:35 creek stone which was actually uncovered
7:38 in an official archaeological dig by the
7:40 smithsonian back in 1889 it has
7:42 characters on it the characters were
7:45 originally thought to be paleo Cherokee
7:47 and actually published as such in one of
7:50 the publication's of the Smithsonian
7:52 Institution who was in charge of the
7:54 mound survey project which actually what
7:57 why they were doing the digging on these
7:59 mounds but then 75 years later some
8:03 Hebrew experts came upon that
8:06 publication and realized that the
8:08 Smithsonian had published it upside down
8:10 if you notate that in the illustration
8:13 180 degrees it's perfectly legible
8:16 Hebrew and translates to for the Judean
8:20 's which is a clear reference to judah
8:23 which is the old world and this is found
8:25 under the head of a skeleton in a mound
8:28 on that big just off of the Tennessee
8:31 River and the mound dates to 100 AD and
8:38 he actually went in with scanning
8:40 electron microscopy and also with with
8:43 the brand the latest technology which is
8:45 a 3d digital microscope and with other
8:50. experts that establish the fact that
8:52 there's no
8:53 way that this stone could have been
8:54. forged or faked back in the 1800s
8:57 because of the fact that whether whether
8:59 you scratch with it with a stylus when
9:05 you scratch that into the stone it
9:06 actually rips away part of the outer
9:08 crust of the stone and that is very
9:11 jagged at first but over the course of
9:14 centuries that will start to erode out
9:16 and actually become nice you know very
9:18 smooth where that where that had been
9:20 this was so smoothly said there's no way
9:23 that this could have been done in the
9:24 1800s because it would still be jagged
9:27 from that so he came to the scientific
9:32 conclusion that this stone is not it's
9:35 not a modern hoax
9:37 it is a genuine artifact and how it
9:42 arrived here in America with Hebrew
9:44 writing on it they don't have a clue
9:47 that the Book of Mormon has the answer
9:52 it's not the only one there's one other
9:54 one that's a really important one he
9:56 also did the same kind of analysis on
9:58 this stone it's called the the Decalogue
10:00 stone it was found in Newark Ohio in
10:02 1860 by a guy by the name of David
10:04 Wyrick he was a town surveyor and a very
10:06 well-respected man of the community that
10:09 nine individuals that came out they dug
10:11 down this man they found this this stone
10:14 when they when it tossed it out it went
10:16 clunking so they went and looked at it
10:18 and they think is shaken there was
10:20 something inside of it they cleaned it
10:22 off they found that had a rim around
10:23 this they took chiseled and chilled
10:25 without popped it open
10:26 inside there was this black stone
10:29 covered with writing they took their to
10:31 some rabbis and the rabbi's looked at it
10:35 and said it's Hebrew and they were able
10:38 to actually they said it's a form of
10:40 Hebrew we've never seen before because
10:42 it's so early but the Hebrew that's on
10:45 it is definitely Hebrew and they were
10:47 able to translate it and guess what it
10:49 translates to the one thing that God
10:54 requires for the covenant nation to
10:56 receive all the Covenant blessings is to
11:00 live the Ten Commandments
11:01 that's what's inscribed on a stone that
11:05 came out of a mound that
11:06 urban dates in the Book of Mormon
11:07 timeframes it was so important that this
11:10 the stones that not only did they carve
11:12 it in stone but then they carved out two
11:15 other stones and they Bend they
11:17 sandwiched it so that it would be
11:19 protected by other stones so that their
11:23 children's children's children
11:25 generation after generation would have
11:28 the one thing that they have to have to
11:32 be able to receive every blessing of the
11:34 sacred covenant with God that's on this
11:36 nation that's on this land

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